Founded in 1908, Reed College is a highly-respected liberal arts college located in Southeast Portland, OR. The topography of the closed campus is a mix of relatively flat and hilly terrain. The college has a campus-wide commitment to using electric vehicles with a mixed fleet of over 30 vehicles across multiple departments.


  • Reed College previously used a modified Taylor Dunn golf car for mail services, but it lacked power, especially in the hilly sections of Certain hills rendered the modified golf car immobile.
  • Reed College mail services are provided year-round, which includes rainy winters, so protection from the elements is crucial for not just the parcels but also the team
  • Cargo payload varies from day-to-day and typically the Mail Services distributes and collects parcels totaling over 1,000 pounds each


Since utilizing the fully-enclosed cargo box version of the Club Car 411, Reed College Mail Services has seen daily benefits from the ample room for different sized parcels which can vary each day, protection of the parcels and driver from inclement weather, and security of the parcels while the truck is out doing mail runs.

“We are very happy with our Club Car 411 utility truck. It has so much power for climbing hills that our previous vehicle lacked. The fully-enclosed cargo box and cab is a huge benefit with our winter rainy season as it protects not only the mail, but also the Mail Services team members. We also really like the fact that many of the parts are off-the-shelf which lowers our costs for repairs when needed. The payload capability of the 411 is excellent as we can load over 1,000 pounds into it daily without worry. The agility of the 411 is also a tremendous asset as our campus has some narrow sections that a larger vehicle could not access safely.”

-Ben Lund, Senior Mail Clerk at Reed College and Board Member of the National Association of College & University Mail Services


Reed College Mail Services has been able to continue their sustainability initiatives using the electric Club Car 411 truck without compromising performance, protection, payload, or cost of operation. The 411 is used 12 months a year, which includes a prolific winter rainy season. The 411 cargo box exceeds their expectation for quality, roominess, and payload while the enclosed cabin provides protection from the elements for their drivers. The ample power of the Club Car 411 means they can safely access the entire campus without compromising performance on their hilly sections. The D.O.T.-compliant parts of the 411 are easy to source, leading to lower cost of repairs and ease of maintenance. The agile platform of the 411 enables the Mail Services team to access even the tightest sections of campus every day.