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About Element

Element Fleet Management (TSX: EFN) is the largest pure-play automotive fleet manager in the world, providing the full range of fleet services and solutions to a growing base of loyal, world-class clients – corporates, governments and not-for-profits – across North America, Australia and New Zealand. Element’s services address every aspect of clients’ fleet requirements, from vehicle acquisition and maintenance to accident recovery and remarketing. Clients benefit from Element’s expertise as the largest fleet solutions provider in its markets, offering unmatched economies of scale and insight used to reduce fleet operating costs and improve productivity and performance

Element + AYRO

The collaboration of Element and AYRO is intended to allow clients interested in AYRO vehicles to benefit from Element’s experienced strategic consulting team to help select, finance, and optimize their fleets for cost savings, driver safety, and reduced environmental impact. In addition, Element’s commercial sales team is expected to offer AYRO EVs and Element’s industry-leading service partner network to provide appropriate maintenance, accident repair, transport, roadside assistance, and other on-road services to ensure client satisfaction and real-time support.

About Club Car

With over 60 years of experience of innovation and design in producing small-wheel vehicles, Club Car is a leading manufacturer of gas and electric golf, utility and personal transportation vehicles. Founded in 1958, the Club Car product portfolio has grown to include much more than golf cars, now encompassing vehicles for commercial and consumer markets, built with an uncompromised desire for superior performance. As an industry leader in electrification and sustainability, Club Car is proud to be on the forefront of environmentally responsible Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) technologies.


Club Car + AYRO

The two companies collaborate on the Club Car Current electric vehicle development and distribution. The Current leverages AYRO’s mature EV technology platform, fast product development cycle, competitive costs, and streamlined supply chain management, and is sold exclusively through Club Car’s dealership network.

The need for purpose-built EVs is only continuing to expand, as deliveries and deployment of electric trucks are expected to double between 2021 and 2022 in the United States. Commercial customers, ranging from university campuses to hotels to energy suppliers, can submit customizable orders to meet their unique microdistribution needs.

In Market

Club Car has positioned the Club Car Current across the spectrum of its target markets. The Club Car Current is fully branded as Club Car product and is supported through their dealer network just like the rest of their lineup. We team together on product support, feature enhancements, custom solutions, and future product development.

About Gallery Carts

For the last 40 years, Gallery Carts has been the leading manufacturer of custom and standard mobile, modular merchandising carts and kiosks. Gallery’s innovations and products are used in venues across the world, from major stadiums and arenas to conference centers, airports, malls, colleges and universities.

Gallery + AYRO

Through a unique partnership, Gallery customizes the Club Car 411 using AYRO’s Lithium-Powered Vendor Box that provides mobile power to support a wide range of on-board food and retail options. The EVs feature convenient hot and cold storage and dispensing to ensure food and beverage items are safely stored, transported and delivered. These vehicles are already serving a wide range of customers across the country including retailers and universities. In the University environment the EV’s are bringing dining services to students anywhere on campus in a safe and cost-effective manner. More than 40 colleges and universities across the country now obtain 100 percent of their electricity from renewable energy sources, and many more are already transitioning to electric fleets in order to meet their own emissions-reduction targets.

About Wanxiang Group + Karma Automotive

Wanxiang Group is a Chinese multinational conglomerate and owner of Karma Automotive, a luxury electric vehicle provider based in Southern California that sells EVs across the globe. Karma’s Innovation and Customization Center (KICC) offers world-class engineering, design, customization and manufacturing services along with electrification platforms. Wanxiang also owns A123 Systems, a developer of EV batteries and supplier to automotive manufacturers worldwide.

Wanxiang + Karma + AYRO

Karma and AYRO have established a strategic manufacturing, engineering and design partnership to combine AYRO’s end-user, market and engineering expertise with KICC’s manufacturing capabilities, development experience and global supply chain capabilities. By the end of 2023, the companies aim to have the capacity to deliver over 20,000 light-duty trucks and electric delivery vehicles valued at more than $300 million. Carnegie Hudson, an investment arm of Wanxiang America, and AYRO also closed a $10 million financing deal in November 2020 to expand the relationship with Karma, and to increase access to Wanxiang’s global supply-chain as well as A123’s automotive lithium battery technology.

With internal combustion engine (ICE) restrictions and bans becoming more common, these strategic partnerships will help municipalities transition towards electric fleets. The number of delivery vehicles in the top 100 global cities will increase by 36% through 2030, and EVs will be necessary for cities and states to meet this rising demand while still achieving sustainability targets. Businesses that offer delivery can also save up to 50% on fuel and operational costs when transitioning from ICE vehicles to the EV future.

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