Mobile Hospitality

Show your colors. Sell your wares.

Offer merchandise and temperature-controlled  food and drinks directly at point of demand. Everywhere. Outside or indoors. 

Revenue. On Wheels.

Give the people what they want

The key to Gallery’s Mobile Hospitality Solutions is the customizable Vendor Van Box. The Vendor Van Box can be equipped with your choice of restaurant-grade appliances to store food and drinks safely at the perfect temperature – hot, cold, or ambient. The fold-up doors offer easy access from three sides and a fold-out rear table option provides a versatile work surface.

Explore more customizable EV options at Gallery Carts.

Stand out. Brand it up.

Show your colors

Gallery Carts

For more than 40 years, Gallery Carts has been the leading manufacturer of custom and standard mobile, modular merchandising carts and kiosks. Gallery’s innovations and products are used in venues around the world — from major stadiums and arenas to conference centers, airports, malls, colleges and universities.

Through a unique partnerships, Gallery customizes the 411 and 411X Legacy Series with AYRO’s Lithium-Powered Vendor Box, a mobile power system engineered to support a wide range of on-board food and retail options.

Gallery-customized LSVs feature convenient hot- and cold-storage, and dispensing to ensure food and beverage items are safely stored, transported and delivered.

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