Innovation is at the heart of what we do at AYRO.  Our philosophy is to maximize the benefits of sustainability, technology, and components to create purpose-built electric vehicles suited for a wide range of professional applications.  It’s one thing to have a great idea for an electric vehicle, it’s another thing entirely to know how to build it.  At AYRO, we do both.

Here’s a look at some important AYRO innovations:

D.O.T. Compliant

AYRO’s design and manufacturing strategy revolves around utilizing and maximizing D.O.T.-compliant components. This is a huge benefit for end customers in quality, performance, and maintenance. AYRO integrates D.O.T.-certified parts such as tires, brake systems, windshields, lighting, safety belts, and automotive-style drive systems.

Powered Solutions

AYRO’s purpose-built functionality includes powered solutions that are IAPA-compliant. Custom powered designs offer power banks and emergency shut-offs that are perfect for food and beverage electric vehicles.

Chassis Design

AYRO utilizes the inherent strength and balance available within our vehicle chassis’ to maximize safety, frame integrity, and space. By using our vehicle frames to mount vital components like batteries, motor controllers, and inverters, AYRO vehicles keep drivers and passengers safe through lowered center of gravity, protection from impact, and maximum storage ability.

Connected Mobility

AYRO’s partnership with Autonomic will enable fleets to be cloud-connected for important information like geofencing, battery charge status, route optimization, maintenance notifications, and location status.

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