Electric Vaccine Vehicle

The  Electric Vaccine Vehicle (EVV) is designed and built specifically to meet the needs of on-demand and mobile clinics for COVID-19 virus testing and vaccine administration.


Features like integrated power to support medical-grade freezers and refrigerators, lighting systems and drop-down treatment tables are highly configurable to meet each customer’s needs. Customized vehicle branding allows it to be identifiable as a mobile medical center.

  • Meets CDC Vaccine Storage Requirements1
  • Outfitted with medical-grade equipment2
  • Sets up quickly  – administers from both sides3
Medical-Grade Equipment

Designed to meet Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) guidelines for vaccine storage, transport and handling1,2

Fully Integrated, Self-Contained

On-board medical-grade storage for all materials and equipment required to administer the approved vaccines

Compact Size

More patient access, even within space-constrained locations

Street Legal

Select EVV configurations can be registered and licensed to operate at 25 mph on streets with posted speeds up to 35 mph3

Range and Run Time

50-mile driving range plus 6-8 hours of equipment operation on a single charge or full-day operation when plugged in4 and vehicle can be charged using a standard 110V/20 amp outlet

Zero-Emissions, Zero Exhaust

Medical providers can treat patients from the running vehicle indoors or outdoors without fumes

Use Cases

The EVV is compact, produces zero emissions and can be set up quickly. Supporting better efficiencies in both indoor and outdoor distribution efforts.

  • Reduce long wait times in central distribution locations by meeting patients at their place in line
  • Maximize efficiency of indoor vaccination sites, including convention centers, civic auditoriums, gyms, stadiums and arenas
  • Park next to a pharmacy or in a grocery store parking lot to provide patients with outdoor administration
  • Access residential neighborhoods to vaccinate residents who cannot easily travel
  • Act as a vaccine station that takes up less than 100 square feet, allowing for easy group deployment

Vehicle Specifications

  • Street-legal LSV (up to 35 mph on roads) or campus non-LSV (20 mph)4
  • 50-mile driving range enables vehicle to reach underserved communities5
  • Dedicated power system – 6-8 hour operation for vaccine deployment5
  • Dual-occupancy and 3-point seat belts
  • Best-in-class turning radius and braking
  • Occupies less than 100 square feet when set up

Zero Emissions - Safely Use Indoors


Higher Education

Corporate campuses

Urban Areas

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All features, options, and specifications are subject to change.
1 The CDC requires a data logger or temperature monitoring device to consistently record live temperature readings from the inside of a refrigerator or freezer when storing all types of vaccines. Constant monitoring of vaccines at recommended temperatures is essential for maintaining the efficacy of a vaccine. Failing to do so can lead to wasted vaccines or ineffective vaccines being administered to patients. Please follow the CDC requirements for Vaccine Storage and the COVID-19 Vaccination Program found here.
2 All units tested and certified to maintain temperatures within refrigerated or frozen ranges required by the CDC.
3 Set-up times and equipment performance varies based on operator and surrounding conditions.
4 Check your local regulations and ordinances as to whether the EVV may be operated legally on public streets, and if so, under what conditions.
5 Driving range and equipment operation time depends on EVV configuration and driving conditions.

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