AYRO Dealer PRogram

Become an AYRO Dealer

AYRO is proud to announce a new dealer program that gives you the opportunity to be part of the next generation of zero-emission vehicles on the market.

AYRO’s latest innovation is a new low speed electric utility vehicle launching in 2022. This vehicle adheres to the highest standards of sustainability in every phase of vehicle design, production, and operation. We’re designing our vehicles to be the highest quality, exceedingly reliable, and the most versatile in the industry.

Dealers benefits:

Volume purchase discounts

New dealer startup package including finance programs for approved dealers, territory exclusivity, and AYRO branded signage

2-year limited warranty on new vehicles

Technology add-ons through AYROLink

And, many other additional benefits.


This new product is just the first in our line of AYRO zero-emissions vehicles. AYRO’s next generation of fleet vehicles are primarily designed, sourced, produced, and supported from the North American continent and Europe. We strive to build high-quality vehicles that traverse the environment without disturbing it, damaging it, or leaving any residual traces of having been there.

New product features include:

Lightweight architecture to limit vehicle weight and maximize payload size

Highly configurable payload structures

Integrated advanced vehicle tracking to support the needs of fleets

Brake and Throttle response controlled through software

Unique Tire compounds to limit terrain damage

84% of vehicle sourced from North American suppliers and the remaining originating from the EU

Heating and Air Conditioning

Thermal Management System

Real-time online support system for operations, servicing, parts, and training

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