Club Car Current

The all-new Club Car Current by AYRO, is the ideal all-purpose vehicle for campuses. It’s like a truck, but better.  This updated electric utility vehicle features enhanced maneuverability, an optional GPS locator with geofencing capability, and is available in three different configurations.

Performance That's Unbeatable

The new Current and Current LSV are the ideal all-purpose vehicles for your campus.

The Current fills the gap between full-sized trucks and smaller utility vehicles. Its all-electric design features the latest technology for power, comfort, and safety – giving you the durability of a pickup truck with the sleek design and efficiency of a utility vehicle.

Multiple Configurations

The Current is available with a flat bed, pickup or fully enclosed van box.


The Club Car Current utility vehicle is the compact, all-electric, versatile vehicle designed with your campus in mind. The footprint of the all new Current is smaller than a traditional truck, so you can get around campus with flexibility and adaptability that a van or full-sized vehicle doesn't offer. The Current is soon to be the MVP of your sustainable campus fleet.


The Club Car Current utility vehicle offers three configurations to best suit the jobs you need to get done. Choose from a flat bed, pickup, or van box with 123 square feet of cargo space.


In addition to its purpose-built design and cargo capacity, the Club Car Current sports numerous features designed to get the job done efficiently and comfortably. Power-assist steering and 4-wheel hydraulic disc brakes mean better handling and control and with a standard backup camera, cabin heating and ventilation, and LCM display, the Current is a dream to drive.


An optional GPS locator with geofencing capability means you’ll get more than just work out of your Club Car Current, you’ll also get information vital to managing your fleet.


Designed with intuitive automotive-style suspension and drive systems


Purpose-built and agile for high-payload, campus-based applications


Multiple body types to choose from: van box, pickup, and flatbed


D.O.T. certified components and street legal on roads up to 35 mph


Easy to maintain and saves over 50% annually over gas-powered equivalents


Zero gas emissions and easily recharges on common 110V/20A outlets

Use Cases:

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Available Options

Tommy Gate

Hydraulic life gate with a single-cylinder, parallel-arm design based on a cable and pulley system. The classic pickup lift.

  • Durable, military aircraft quality lifting cables
  • Fully-enclosed hydraulic system safely encased within liftgate mainframe
  • Pressure bypass prevents overloading – supports 300 lbs
  • Fold-down platform for dock or forklift loading
  • Timed inactivity switch

Ladder Rack

  • Fits all bed options
  • Durable, lightweight design for all weather conditions
  • Rolling bar makes it safe and easy to load
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Designed to carry 2 x 24′ extension ladders on the rood and 2 x 8′ step ladders on the side
  • Rack carry capacity is 300 lbs (136 kg)

Air Flow Kit

Designed to move air into the cabinet while under motion and around the cabin (non-HVAC equipped option)

  • 2 x Frame mounted air scoops – 1 each on driver and passenger sides
  • 1 x 12V Industrial fan with 3 position switch
  • Each vent provides up to 264 CFM at 10 mph

Brush Guards – Front and Rear

Protects body panels from incidental contact


+ Length: 146 in. / 370.8 cm / 12’ 2”

+ Width: 55 in. / 139.7 cm / 4’ 7”

+ Height: 75 in. / 190.5 cm / 6’ 3”

+ Payload Capacity: Up to 850 lbs. / 386 kg (varies based on configuration)

+ Flatbed Curb Weight: 2,039 lbs. / 925 kg

Pickup Curb Weight: 2,090 lbs. / 948 kg

+ Cargo Box Curb Weight: 2,200 lbs. / 997 kg

+ Top Speed: Up to 25 mph / 40 km/h (LSV – Regulations vary by State)

Grade: Up to 22%

+ Turning Radius: 157 in. / 3.9 m / 13’ 1”

+ Acceleration: 0 – 20 mph in > 6 seconds / 0 – 32 km/h in > 6 seconds

+ Braking Distance: 25 ft. @ 25 mph / 7.6 m @ 40 km/h / Best in Class

+ Range: Up to 57 mi. / 91 km

Recharge: Up to 6-8 hours / 110V/15A

+ Warranty – Vehicle: 2 years*

+ Warranty – Batteries: 2 years*

+ Backup Camera: Standard

LCM Display: Standard / 7 in. / 17.7 cm

+ Parking Brake – Manual: Standard

+ Body Panels: Reinforced ABS / Corrosion-Resistant

+ Cabin Air: Heating + Ventilation

+ 10 Kw

13.4 HP

+ 240A AC Controller

+ 2-Wheel Rear Wheel Drive

+ Flatbed: 47.5 in. / 120.6 cm Width / 88 in. / 223.5 cm Length

+ Pickup: 53.25 in. / 135.8 cm Width / 90 in. / 228.6 cm Length

+ Cargo Box: 53.5 in. / 135.8 cm Width / 88 in. / 223.5 cm Length

+ Cargo Box Volume: 123 sq ft / 11.43 sq m

+ Type: VRLA (120Ah)

Voltage: 72V

+ Number of Batteries: 6

+ Capacity: 8.64 kWh

+ Chassis: Reinforced Steel / Coated

+ Front Suspension: Transverse Leaf Spring

+ Rear Suspension: Horizontal Spring with Coil-Over Shock

+ Brakes: Disc / 4-wheel, Hydraulic

+ Steering: Power Assist

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