Club Car Current

Small footprint. Massive payload.

The Club Car Current is the ideal zero-emission vehicle for campus utility and micro distribution. Offering the durability of a truck, but with the sustainability of an EV. Outdoors and indoors.

Purpose-built. For every need.

Campus Utility.


Zero Emission
Zero Noise
Zero Mess

Use Anywhere

Indoors or Out
On Sidewalks
On City Streets


~49% Less Operating Expense


Long Range on a Single Charge

Make light work of heavy loads

Flat Bed ━ Easily handles bulky furniture or oversized cargo

Pickup ━ Designed with fold-down sides and tailgate for maintenance services, construction support and general cargo hauling

Van Box ━ Provides secure, weatherproof cargo protection and easy access from the convenient curb-side or rear double doors

Last Mile & Micro Distribution.


Easy to maneuver crowded urban areas and traffic


Small footprint simplifies city parking


Fewer moving parts and fluids than trucks or vans


No downtime for fossil fuel pit stops

Get it there. Anywhere.

The Club Car Current is designed to handle urban traffic and pedestrians with ease. Its tight turning radius and responsive handling allow the Current to change lanes, park and make deliveries where large vehicles can’t. And its all-electric engineering translates into more economical, dependable performance that keeps it on the job. 



143 cu ft


850 lbs

Curb Weight

2,039 lbs / 924 kg


139 cu ft*


795 lbs

Curb Weight

2,090 lbs / 944 kg


139 cu ft


685 lbs

Curb Weight

2,200 lbs / 977 kg

*Pickup capacity can be increased by collapsing side walls


Club Car

Club Car and AYRO collaborate on the Club Car Current electric vehicle (EV) development and distribution. The Current leverages AYRO’s mature EV technology platform, fast product development cycle, competitive costs, and streamlined supply chain management, and is sold exclusively through Club Car’s dealership network.

The need for purpose-built EVs is only continuing to expand, as deliveries and deployment of electric trucks are expected to double between 2021 and 2022 in the United States. Commercial customers, ranging from university campuses to hotels to energy suppliers, can submit customizable orders to meet their unique micro distribution needs.

Element Fleet Management

The collaboration of Element and AYRO is intended to allow clients interested in AYRO vehicles to benefit from Element’s experienced strategic consulting team to help select, finance, and optimize their fleets for cost savings, driver safety, and reduced environmental impact. In addition, Element’s commercial sales team offers AYRO EV’s and Element’s industry-leading service partner network to provide appropriate maintenance, accident repair, transport, roadside assistance, and other on-road services to ensure client satisfaction and real-time support.

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