AYRO 311x/311



Great things happen in threes.
The all-electric street-legal three-wheeled AYRO 311x and the AYRO 311 turn the tables on design. Using a revolutionary chassis design, the four-door, inline two-seater AYRO 311x and AYRO 311 are an entirely new way to move about.

How hard is it to drive?
Simple.  It’s just like driving a car…the AYRO 311x has automotive-style controls — steering wheel and foot pedals (accelerator + brakes) — just like your car.  There’s no new learning curve or fatigue from using hand-based controls.  Just get in and drive.

How fast and how far?
With a top speed of up to 60 mph (96 km/h), the soon-to-be launched AYRO 311x can take you far and wide. With a range of up to 80 miles (up to 128 km), it can bring you back, too.

Creature comforts?
How about Power Windows, Power Mirrors, and Air Conditioning/Heating to make your AYRO 311x journeys that much more comfortable?  Cool (and hot), huh?

Can I keep my stuff safe?
Need to go shopping or a place to stow your gear?  Secure your stuff inside the custom locking rear storage (inside your locking AYRO 311x vehicle).

What about Professional uses?
The AYRO 311x is an excellent cost-effective all-around all-electric performer…Neighborhood food delivery?  Yep, an awesome use case especially considering the “rolling branding” possibilities to spread your word.  Vacation vehicle rentals?  Who doesn’t want to cruise around their favorite vacation place in a fully street legal 311x?  Municipalities?  Sure, think applications like code and parking enforcement, special events, and public safety.

How do I get one?
Reserve yours today with a fully-refundable $100 deposit and we’ll get you on the list to build your own AYRO 311x.  Email us at sales@ayro.com and we’ll get you going.


Strategically engineered with D.O.T.-compliant automotive parts

No hassle, easy to maneuver, compact design that drives like a car

Easy to maintain and saves up to 50% annually over gas-powered equivalents

Street-legal on roads and highways up to 65 mph using familiar auto-style components

Zero gas emissions and easily recharges on common 110V/20A outlets

Can be 100% personalized through custom wraps and colors

And don’t forget the AYRO 311…It’s got a top speed of up to 50 mph (80 km/h) and a range of up to 50 miles (80 km).  Perfect for everyday use, whether that’s personal or professional.

Get your AYRO 311 today and unplug your life.

The AYRO 311 is also a solid performer for Commercial applications.  Companies are using customized AYRO 311s for neighborhood food and products delivery fleets. The AYRO 311’s distinctive and photogenic design is a natural for branding.  The AYRO 311 is also a natural for municipalities and facilities; whether it’s parking and code enforcement patrols or public safety and logistics, the AYRO 311 can handle what you throw at it.

Ayro Preferred Leasing Program
Ayro’s Leasing Partners offer a preferred leasing program to qualifying Ayro customers for both commercial and personal leasing.  Lease program elements are flexible to meet the needs of customers.  Lease options start as low as $299 per month*.

Please contact Ayro’s sales team at sales@ayro.com for more details or to arrange for a lease proposal.

*36-month term with buyout.  TT&L, destination and leasing fees extra

AYRO 311 Spec Sheet

All specifications, features, options, and services are subject to change without notice


+ Length: 126 in. / 320 cm / 10’ 5”

+ Width: 66 in. / 168 cm / 5’ 5”

+ Height: 64 in. / 161.2 cm / 5’ 3”

+ Weight: 1,352 lbs. / 613 kg

+ Wheelbase: 89.5 in. / 227.3 cm /

Center to Center

Wheels: 165 / 55R 15 Front / 195 / 50R 15 Rear


+ Top Speed: Up to 50 mph / 80 km/h

+ Grade: Up to 25%

+ Payload Capacity: 2 passenger /

1 Passenger + Cargo

+ Turning Radius: 30 ft. / 9.1 m / 360 in.

+ Braking Distance: 25 ft. @ 50 mph / 7.6 m

@ 80 km/h


+ Range: Up to 50 mi. / 80 km

+ Recharge: Up to 6-8 hours / 110V/20A

+ Warranty – Vehicle: 2 years*

+ Warranty – Batteries: 2 years*


+ Backup Camera: Standard

+ LCM Display: Standard / 7 in. / 17.7 cm

+ Parking Brake – Manual: Standard

+ Cabin Air: Heating + Ventilation + Fan

+ Radio: AM / FM

+ Hands-free Operation: Bluetooth

+ Location: GPS

+ Body: Enclosed / Corrosion-Resistant

+ Memory: SD Card Slot

+ Colors: Glossy White / Athletic Red

+ Seating: Performance Bucket

+ Accelerator / Brake: Foot Pedals

+ Steering Wheel: Automotive-Style


+ Components: D.O.T.-certified

+ Chassis: Reinforced Powder-coated Steel

+ Rear Suspension: Rigid Fork Swing Arm

+ Brakes: Disc / 3-wheel / Power Assist

+ Steering: Gear-Type Steering Rack


Motor: 7.5 kW / Permanent Magnet DC

Horsepower: 10.9 HP

+ Motor Controller: 85A AC Controller

+ Drive System: Front-Wheel Drive


+ Type: Lead Acid / Sealed, Gel

+ Voltage: 72V 120 Ah (8.6 kWh)

+ Number of Batteries: 6


+ GPS Locator: Optional

+ Geo Fencing: Optional

+ Delivery Metric Tracking: Optional

+ Vehicle Management + Alerts: Optional

*Base model. Body/color options and license, taxes, and destination charges not included.  Consult User Manual and Warranty Information for warranty details.