AYRO 311

AYRO’s 311 autocycle was the first all-electric 3-wheeled vehicle of its kind, designed to serve a wide range of business and consumer needs.

Now, the AYRO team is building on the legacy of its first model to develop the next-generation 311X: a customizable, purpose-built, all-electric vehicle to better serve commercial fleets. The 311X will shape the future of delivery in a cost-effective and sustainable way.

The 311X is launching in 2021 and will include specialized features for commercial customers—including greater agility, higher speeds, improved efficiency and lower operating costs.

Delivery Market Growth

Since launching the 311 in 2018, delivery and microdistribution needs have increased exponentially.

Restaurant owners, pharmacies, retailers, and other businesses that operate fleets are looking for cost-saving vehicles, while municipal stakeholders are seeking zero-emissions solutions that can address shifting consumer demands and meet sustainability goals.

The total number of delivery vehicles in the top 100 cities globally will increase by 36% until 2030.
The global online food delivery market was valued at $53.2 billion in 2018, and the industry is expected to nearly double in value from 2019-2023 to $104.45 billion.
With a business-as-usual approach, carbon emissions from delivery traffic will increase by 32%, and city congestion will rise by over 21%.
Nearly 60% of U.S. city governments have green vehicle purchasing policies, with another 26% considering them.

Use Cases

mail delivery
Package Delivery
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Pharmaceutical Delivery
Grocery Delivery
food delivery
Restaurant Delivery
parking enforcement
Parking Enforcement
personal use
Personal Use

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